YUMMY Vintage


Branding, Packaging & Social Media

by Alessia Sistori

Photography by YUMMY Vintage Official

Client: YUMMY Vintage

YUMMY Vintage is a clothing label from Berlin who sells second hand fashion of best quality. Their pieces are all handpicked and look like new. The young founders want to provide the most fashionable clothing in a sustainable way. Every item is an individual and tells its own story. It was very important to them that not only their cloths, but also their packaging and communication would be sustainable. This is why it only uses recycled paper and materials that are biodegradable.

The brand character is edgy and cool but doesn't take itself too seriously - just as their city, Berlin. The graphic design combines Berlin music posters from the 90s with Japanese layouts, and thereby creates a visual reference to the name of the label. The design is very flexible, which was a necessity since the brand uses mostly digital communication via social media. It is bold, dynamic and fun, by always maintaining the very own personality of this forward looking and sustainable brand.

Release | 2019

Berlin, Germany

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