Delicatessen manufacturer | Restaurant




by Alessia Sistori

Set Design & Photography in collab.

with Lilly Friedeberg  & Marc Oortman 

Location photography by Thomas Behuret 



Client | Nacam Ltd.-London uk for D&D 

D&D is a delicatessen manufacturer in Lyon, France. The business holds on to three restaurants and one store, which sells a variety of self-manufactured products.

The most challenging thing about the re-design was to create a fresh and modern image without losing the traditional essence of this over generations existing family-business.

The fundamental elements of the previous branding like the red color and also the traditional red and

white squared pattern were kept alive, but were interpreted in a new and unique way.

Objects of design: 

Logo, Pattern, Business Cards, Stationary, 2 Bags, 3 Boxes, 6 Jam Labels, 11 Terrines Labels, 6 Fond Labels

Release | 2018

Lyon, France

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