Marijuana Cigarettes




by Alessia Sistori

California Grass Company is a new line of cannabis based products from California. It offers fun products that allow the consumer choice and teaches them about different strains and their individual effects.

The identity is fun but at the same time sophisticated, clean, high-end and intriguing to the customer.

The company wants to integrate marijuana cigarettes in the life of young, creative and openminded

people and sells marijuana in its best quality, organic and pure, with a touch of vintage California.

The typography is very minimalistic and modern, but at the same time it keeps a retro touch due to the very close spacing of the letters that was often used in earlier print products. The icon completes the image of the brand with a very easygoing illustration style. It combines the images of a retro sun and a pineapple and thereby transmits the feeling of summer and vintage California.

The pattern uses vintage photos of California as a pattern-like collage, which communicates perfectly the feeling of the brand and makes this brand stand out next to other products on the market.

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